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Anywhere, Anytime Access
Working online, you will have the ease, freedom and flexibility to manage your business /personal accounting from home, office or even on a holiday 24 X 7 all year round.

No Prior accounting Knowledge required
Distance Accounting Package (D.A.) requires minimum accounting knowledge. The user fills in the transactions, expenses on user friendly forms and the application does the accounting for you. The output is Trial Balance, Profit Loss, Balance Sheet, Ledger Wise Trial Balance and much more.

Multi Currency
The transactions input can be in Multi currency (Dollars, Indian Rupees, British Pound, Euros etc) but the reports are compiled in one common currency of your choice.

Security with Roles & User Privileges
The Security with Roles & User Privileges lets you manage access rights on your site. Privileges give roles access to certain resources of your choosing. They are the basic components of the security system.

Infinite Users & Ledgers
A single account can have multiple users with various rights to access and modify information and an unrestricted number of ledgers.

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